The Reliable

We are F&M Middle East

F&M’s main asset is its team and its intellect. Our strong team of designers come from different countries and with wide range of academic backgrounds, which generates a stimulating and diverse office culture.

Our open plan office environment reflects our collaborative working practices and holistic approach to our commissions with hands-on involvement of Partners in all projects.

Story & History

Founded in 1982 as an engineering consultancy, F&M has rapidly grown, becoming a company at the cutting edge Presently, F&M Ingegneria has taken part in the realization of about 1,300 projects of different types and complexities. Our aim has always been the same: providing high quality services according to the Client’s requirements and suggestions. F&M Ingegneria are a 100 people strong practice, 70 of whom are located in the main headquarters in Mirano, Venice, with the others located in satellite offices in Milan, in Cologne (Germany), in Beijing (China), in Podgorica (Montenegro) and in Muscat (Oman). On staff we have engineers, architects and technicians who use the most sophisticated instrumentation. In addition to this team, there are job supervisors and operating control managers who are permanently working on site. The aim of the people who work at F&M Ingegneria is to supply high quality services exceeding Client’s expectations. We have one objective: to find the best solution by rationalizing and simplifying the most complex problems