06 June 2018

F&M Middle East proudly in delivery stage for the “OMANA TOWER” mixed use building in Sohar

OASIS Development Co. SAOG, an Oman based company of the Group shareholders Shumookh Investment & Services SAOC, has delivered an office and commercial development at Sohar, one of the new cities of big development two hours from Muscat.

F&M Middle East LLC leading the design part, construction management and supervising the works has achieved a great milestone in the site coordination, recovering more than two weeks from the deadline planned for the handover of the building. The construction period set in 20-22 months will be then completed with a saving expense and achieving 18-20 months of construction for a building of 16,000.00 sqm, basement, ground and 7 floors in heights, on a plot of 3,700.00 sqm. Just in the early March 2017 Oasis Company, along with F&M ME Site team was announcing the laying of the stone for its developing office building, through a plot of land along the access road that leads to the port/industrial development area.

The building will host meeting and social spaces, available for and to the entire community. This is a new of a kind of development in the mixed use, on which F&M ME is proud to put at Client’s service its multidisciplinary expertise. F&M ME has focused on developing a modern building allowing people enjoy their free time but above all enhancing going work, a space without the pressure and stress of a typical day, as the contemporary architecture aims most.