Madayn Headquarter

The “Madayn Tower” design was to highlight the importance of the establishment and its essential role in the development of Oman’s growing economy and its vision to further strengthen Oman as a main center for industry, technology and innovation.

The design of the building was generated in order to give a strong visual impact. The strategic location adjacent to Muscat Express Way and its located on a high elevation works in favor of the project’s uniqueness and significance.

The form is intended to be strong and prominent, which still allowing of playfulness through the natural light reflection on the facade generating a captivating scene. The mass is broken into two towers that sit visually and physically in a balanced composition. The angles are meant to further enhance the depth factor as well as provide dynamic that leads to further emphasis the directional flow in and out of the building.




Concept Design


Al Khoud, Muscat

Project Status: