Shaden hospital

The hospital is located in a new mixed-use development in Shaden Hail, in the complex there are also residences, a shopping center and offices. The hospital is located in the southeast corner of the new district. The hospital have a surface of 29,831 sqm, with a 225 beds. The concept of humanization, that is, the value given to the centrality of the patient, is expressed in the study of the sensory communication of the environment aimed at the warmest welcome, from the definition of the urban entrance to the hospital and the main hall. The model of care: in compliance with the guiding principles based on the hospital for intensive and complexity of care the healthcare articulation is divided in three areas functional activities. This articulation revolves around a model based on the node of the ER, the real hub of the entire system for all the three degrees of intensity patients. The project proposal of an organizational structure that follows the principle of the integration of homogeneous functional activities facilitate the indispensable multidisciplinary care. The division into departments, by specific pathological conditions, is then replaced by the criteria of functional areas. Connection to the Entrance hall is directly connected to the underground parking.


Shaden Development


SComplete design of Architectural, Structural, Infrastructures, MEP, Fire Fighting & Interior Design & Tender Documentation


Mawaleh , Muscat


OMR 38,000,000.00