Senior Proposal Manager

The Proposal Manager will play a pivotal role in shaping the success of our business by leading the development of high-quality bids. Working closely with the CEO, Head of Commercial and COO, you will be responsible for creating efficient processes, templates, and databases that facilitate the integration of technical and commercial components in bids. Additionally, you will establish strategic partnerships to enhance collaborative efforts in bidding endeavors.

Muscat, Oman
Bachelor’s degree in business, Engineering, architecture, or a related field; Master’s degree is a plus.
Proven experience in bid management, proposal development, and partnership building within the engineering or architectural consultancy sector. Strong understanding of both technical and commercial aspects of bidding processes. Proficiency in developing and managing databases, templates, and performance management.

Mandatory Requirements:


  • Leadership and Collaboration
  • Strategic Vision
  • Innovative Mindset
  • Adaptability & Attention to Detail
  • Effective Communication
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Results-Driven
  • Relationship Building

Duties And Responsibilities

  • Bid Management: Lead the end-to-end bid management process, ensuring timely and high-quality submission of proposals. Collaborate with technical teams to integrate cutting-edge solutions into bid proposals. Work closely with the Head of Commercial and COO, and CEO to align technical and commercial aspects in bids for cohesive submissions.
  • Process and Template Development: Develop standardized bid processes, templates, and documentation to streamline the proposal development workflow. Continuously refine and enhance proposal templates to reflect industry best practices and specific client requirements. Implement a dashboard to track updates and ensure consistency and timely bid submissions.
  • Database Management: Establish and maintain a comprehensive bid database, capturing relevant information from past proposals. Utilize data analytics to identify trends, successes, and areas for improvement in bid submissions. Ensure the bid database is up-to-date and accessible to relevant stakeholders.
  • Integration of Technical and Commercial Aspects: Facilitate collaboration between technical and commercial teams to ensure a holistic approach in bid preparation. Develop communication channels to foster effective information exchange between departments. Conduct training sessions to enhance cross-functional understanding of technical and commercial integration, and the strategic importance of the bid proposal in company growth.
  • Partnership Development: Identify and establish strategic partnerships with industry stakeholders, subcontractors, and other firms to enhance bidding capabilities. Collaborate with partners to leverage complementary expertise and resources in bid submissions. Negotiate and manage partnerships to ensure mutual benefits and successful project delivery.

Senior Hydraulic Modeler for Water and Wastewater

We are seeking a highly skilled and experienced Senior Hydraulic Modeller for our Water and Wastewater division. As a key member of our team, you will be responsible for leading and managing complex hydraulic modelling projects, contributing to the development of innovative solutions, and ensuring the efficient and sustainable management of water and wastewater systems.

Muscat, Oman
Bachelor's or Master's degree in Civil Engineering, Mecchanical Engineering, or a related field with a focus on water resources or hydraulic engineering.
• Minimum of 7 years of professional experience in hydraulic modelling, preferably within the water and wastewater consultancy field. • Proficiency in industry-standard modelling software such as WaterCAD, SewerCAD, WaterGEMS, EPANET, along with a strong understanding of BIM, GIS and CAD tools.

Mandatory Requirements:

1. Bachelor's or Master's degree in Civil Engineering, Mecchanical Engineering, or a related field with a focus on water resources or hydraulic engineering.

2. Minimum of 7 years of professional experience in hydraulic modelling, preferably within the water and wastewater consultancy field.

3. Proficiency in industry-standard modelling software such as WaterCAD, SewerCAD, WaterGEMS, EPANET, along with a strong understanding of BIM, GIS and CAD tools.

4. Proven track record of successfully delivering complex modelling projects and implementing sustainable water and wastewater solutions.

5. Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills, with the ability to interpret and communicate technical data effectively.

6. Strong leadership abilities and experience in managing project teams, coordinating workflows, and meeting project deadlines.

7. Solid understanding of relevant regulatory requirements, industry standards, and environmental compliance pertaining to water and wastewater systems.

Duties And Responsibilities

1. Lead the development and execution of hydraulic modelling projects, including water distribution systems, sewer networks, and wastewater treatment plants.

2. Conduct comprehensive analysis and assessment of existing water and wastewater infrastructure to identify potential improvements and optimize system performance.

3. Utilize advanced modelling software and tools to simulate hydraulic processes, predict system behavior, and evaluate the impact of proposed modifications or upgrades.

4. Collaborate closely with cross-functional teams, including engineers, technicians, and project managers, to integrate modelling insights into broader design and operational strategies.

5. Provide technical guidance and mentorship to junior modellers, supporting their professional development and fostering a culture of continuous learning within the team.

6. Prepare detailed technical reports, presentations, and documentation to communicate findings, recommendations, and project progress to stakeholders and clients.

7. Stay abreast of industry best practices, emerging technologies, and regulatory standards related to water and wastewater management, incorporating this knowledge into project planning and execution.

Project Manager

As a Project Manager at FM, you will play a pivotal role in delivering and managing the design team through effective design management. You will also be responsible for the creation and upkeep of all PMP documentation, project related documents such as progress reports, timelines, MoMs, responsibility Matrix, project cash flows ...etc. It is the PM's responsibility to ensure the delivery of the assigned project on time and within budget and scope.

Muscat, Oman
Bachelor’s or master’s degree in project management, Architecture, Engineering, or a related field
• Proven experience as a Project Manager, with a background in design management. • Strong knowledge of project management principles and practices. (PMP/PRINCE or equivalent is a plus). • Strong working knowledge of Microsoft Office (Microsoft project, Excel, Word & PowerPoint). • Excellent written and verbal communication skills. • Experience in client-facing roles and managing multidisciplinary teams. • 10-15 years of relevant experience in project management

Duties And Responsibilities

1. Agile Design Management: Lead and manage the design team with agility, adapting to changing project requirements. Ensure efficient collaboration and communication among team members. 2. Client Relationship Management: Cultivate and maintain strong relationships with clients, ensuring their needs are understood and met. Prioritize client satisfaction through effective communication and proactive problem-solving. 3. Communication: Foster open and transparent communication within the team and with clients. Provide regular project updates to stakeholders, ensuring clarity on project status and milestones. 4. Risk and Issue Management: Proactively identify and manage risks and issues that may impact project timelines and deliverables. Develop and implement mitigation strategies to address potential challenges. 5. Scope Management: Define and manage project scope, ensuring alignment with client expectations. Monitor changes in scope and assess their impact on project timelines and resources. Initiate Change order as appropriate 6. Contract Awareness: Maintain a thorough understanding of project contracts and obligations. Ensure that project activities align with contractual requirements. 7. Conflict Resolution: Effectively resolve conflicts within the team or with clients, promoting a positive and collaborative working environment. prioritize relationship-building and consensus. 8. Reporting: Develop and maintain comprehensive project reports, providing accurate and timely information on project status, milestones, and potential risks. Communicate project progress and challenges to key stakeholders, ensuring transparency and alignment with project objectives, milestones and KPIs. 9. Resource Management: Optimize resource allocation within the design team to ensure efficiency and productivity. Collaborate with other departments to secure necessary resources and support for project success. It is the PM's responsibility to oversee and supervise the PC appointed for the project. PM's responsibility to assign tasks to PC as deemed necessary and ensure these tasks are completed correctly and within allotted time. 10. Data-Driven Decision Making: Promote a culture of data-driven decision-making within the project team. Utilize relevant project data and analytics to inform decisions and drive continuous improvement. 11. Optimization: Implement optimization strategies to enhance project value for money. Identify opportunities for streamlining processes and workflows to achieve optimal outcomes. 12. Ownership and accountability: Foster a sense of ownership and accountability among team members for project deliverables. Encourage a proactive and responsible approach to project tasks and responsibilities. 13. Quality Assurance: Instill a commitment to quality in all aspects of project management and design. Implement rigorous quality assurance processes to ensure high standards in project deliverables. 14. Commercial management: assume responsibility for commercial performance of the project, by means of optimizing internal and external resources. Initiate change order as and when appropriate 15. Subconsultants management: strategic management of subconsultants. This entails cultivating strong partnerships and ensuring seamless collaboration to enhance the overall success of our projects. leveraging subconsultant expertise will be pivotal in delivering and innovative design that aligns with FM's standards of excellence.