Project Manager

Job Description: 
- Ensure the team personnel and other team members/sub-consultants comply with their obligations in 
accordance with their respective agreements with Company in terms of scope, deliverables, and timelines. 
Advise Company of any non-compliance by the team personnel and other sub-consultants. 
- Detect and effectively manage the discrepancies / anomalies / conflicts / non-compliance in the 
performance of work carried out by the team personnel and the sub-consultant, vendors, suppliers and 
other team members. PM shall bring such issues, along with proposed corrective solutions, to the Company’s 
attention to take timely corrective actions. 
- Correspond directly with the client and other sub-consultants, except where otherwise advised by Company. 
Maintain record of all notices, correspondence, reports, documents, etc. during the Project. 
- Prepare Weekly and Monthly Reports specifically for the client and the Company in accordance with client’s 
and company’s requirements. 
- Approval and Rejection of all the invoices received 
- Monitor and ensure timely submission of all engineering deliverables required under the Contract. 
- Review all deliverables and issue comments/endorse for Company approval in accordance with the specified 
timeframe and other provisions of the Contract. Ensure Company input or approval, as required, has been 
obtained prior to issue of comments/approval. 
- Review and analyze requests for variations submitted by the sub-consltants/Contractor with respect to 
validity and impact on cost and schedule Maintain complete and up-to-date records of all Contractual 
Variations/Trends, Design Deviations/Concession Requests, etc. 
- Recommend to Company Claims avoidance / mitigation strategy that would lead to dispute resolution. 
- Maintain accurate, complete, and comprehensive records of any disputes that may arise during the 
performance of the project Contract for Company use in Case of Arbitration. 
The PM shall act as a representative to the Company, who shall have authority to act for and on behalf of 
Company on all matters connected with the specific contracted project as specified above.  

Muscat, Oman
BSc Civil Engineering or a relevant degree
5 years + experience in Engineering Consultancy

Mandatory Requirements:


30 - 35 years old

Fluent in Italian and English