15 October 2019

New Pavilion of the University of the United Arab Emirates (UAEU) for Expo Dubai 2020

F&M Middle East is pleased to announce a new prestigious recognition in the MENA region in occasion of the World Exhibition “Connecting minds, creating the future” that will take place in Dubai in 2020.

After the assignment of the design of the Oman Pavilion and the collaboration with the Head Office of F&M Ingegneria Italia for the Italian Pavilion, it will soon present the awarded project of the International Tender for the New Pavilion of the University of the United Arab Emirates (UAEU).

Starting in October 2020, for six months the UAEU Pavilion will host the “University of the future” event, sponsored by the University. The estimated audience should reach around 380,000 visitors.

The spaces will be used for an information hub of the University, the career orientation of the students and an exhibition that develops through an experiential path titled as “Pathfinders”.

F&M Middle East, heading the joint venture that groups together the companies Todo Design (Turin), Base Engineering (Turin), ACTLD (Bruxels) and CUBE (Dubai) shall be responsible of the design of the exhibition, the civil, structural and MEP design, the definition of the technological and communication platforms. F&M Middle East will also design the connected offices and laboratories.