21 December 2023

Salalah Future City

As part of achieving the goals for Oman’s Vision 2040 and the Greater Structural Plans and the New Cities projects by Ministry of Housing and Urban Planning, the Greater Salalah Structure Plan and the New City Salalah project are currently underway, in line with the government’s move to establish governances for the success of new urban centres.

In December 2023, two successful workshops were held to introduce both projects to the public and to engage them the making of the plans. The enthusiasm shown by the public is reassuring and the input received from them will be used in enhancing the plans further, ensuring that the community is part of developing the future.

F&M is working with a team lead by Sasaki for both projects and includes many consultants in an array of disciplines including, but not limited to, MIC-HUB, Cundall, Pegasys-PAL, HMR, Cavendish Maxwell, PRDW and Milcris.