Ibri Industrial Master Plan

Ibri Industrial City located in Al Dhahirah Governorate in an area spanning 10 million sqm located along the road leading to the border between the Sultanate and Saudi Arabia. Phase 1 of the project will be developed on an area of around 2,633,864  sqm with the provision of all basic services.
Ibri Industrial City will offer a variety of light & medium activities including workshops, commercial areas, administrative offices, industrial workshops, and warehouses, in addition to supporting facilities & residential areas dedicated to workers.  The basic principles used in Ibri Industrial city master planning are:

1) Acknowledge contextual constraints and address site limitations
2) Provide amenities
3) Maximize Land utilization
4) Organize functional zoning Plan served by an efficient road network




oncept Design, Schematic Design, Detail Design & Tender Documents for the listed disciplines: 1. Master Plan Design including Development Control Guidelines Booklet. 2. Road Design 3. Storm Water Drainage Design 4. Sewerage Design 5. Water Supply Design 6. Fire Fighting Design 7. Electrical & Public Lighting Design 8. Telecommunication Design 9. Cost Estimates & BOQ preparation


Ibri, Sultanate of Oman


10 m - sqm , phase 1 : 2,633,864 sqm



Project Status:

2020-In progress